An AIOps platform

For business performance and user satisfaction

We unlock SD-WAN hidden business value.

Our AIOps Observability Platform transmutes orchestrators' data into key Business KPIs for Executives. IT effectiveness & user experience improve with an intuitive & automated solution easily deployed as a service.

Lytn is an AIOps platform
They trust us
Velocloud by VMware

The first SDN driven observability platform

Thanks to powerfull Monitoring & Analysis skills, Understanding how IT Infrastructure impacts Digital Use has never been that simple. Reinvent a Common Language between IT and Business.

First Obs Platform
Metrics & Insights

Business performance metrics & insights

Get a precise overview of your IT infrastructure, regardless its complexity. From global IT health to specific App, Link or Device usage, lytn sees and shows everything you need to know.

Empower your employees with a collaborative tool

Every lytn user can create and share his own dashboards for a greater collaboration inside your workforce. Let IT help deliver a more Effective and Inclusive Workplace for everyone.

Empower your employees with a collaborative tool
Benefits from a ready to use solution

Benefits from a ready to use solution

Choosing lytn means choosing Simplicity
Zero Touch Integration
Immediate fit with infrastructure
One hour Deployment
Affordable and flexible SaaS model

Collaborate to create great user experience
Collaborate to Create great

Create your templates

Our 100% editable Platform allows you to create your own profile.
Each Template is composed with Tabs
Each Tab is composed with Components
Imagine, Shape and Arrange your tool to make it match the way you work.

& share your dashboards

Send your Templates to any of your collegues. Collaborate with your team to create special and meaningful Dashboards. Inspire people with your ideas and impact their way of working.

Create your Templates
Improved coverage of moderne architectures

No more KPIs with data difficult to match to what is happening

No more average calculation that doesn’t reveal some users impacted

No more expensive probes & complex monitoring architecture

Instant deployment

Our observability platform explained


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