Unmanned Infrastructure Observability Platform

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Lytn is an AIOps platform
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Velocloud by VMware

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Lytn's technology helps IT focus on valuable insights and empowers enterprise staff with a seamless IT experience.

Save time
Focus your resources
Empower your employees

Unleash the power of Lytn Objects

Enjoy and share the most valuable data in your company, unmanned


Structure to Infrastructure mapping (BUs, legal entities, …)

From Business Unit to Site, Country, Region, World filtering

From Last Hour to Last 30 Days filtering

By Application, Device grouping


Automated collection with zero-touch & correlation-based detection/injection

Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIops) machine learning

QoE intelligence

Contextual forensics

Visibility of Devices & Applications active at a specific moment

Suspicious Risk Vector detection

Granular visibility by 10 mins slots with 1-year data archiving

Usage impacts

Applications & Devices usage (in hours & trending)

Personalized Service Provider links quality, incident, saturation & QoS tracking

SD-WAN gains & RoI calculator

QoE feedback Loop

Behaviors revealer

Real-time insights on Productivity Applications

Notification on App/Usage/Device/Site condition(s) and pre-defined Alerts

Usage profiling & Anticipation (H1 2022)


Role & Intent-Based Data aggregation in widgets

Customizable dashboards

Instant-sharing templates & results

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