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Lytn is predicting imminent network events, detecting anomalies to safeguard Enterprise
business operations

Lytn is excited to be announced as one of STL Partners 100 edge companies to watch

Lytn Proactive Network Intelligence Solution

Lytn’s SDN and Predictive Data Science expertise combined with an open, agnostic approach to aggregating network metrics and business context ensures that networks support critical business outcomes. Every several minutes Lytn predicts network capacity and anticipates usage thus enabling issues to be addressed before they occur. These predictions help our partners and their enterprise customers optimize operations and maximize resource utilization.

Be Proactive

Be Proactive


➡️ Proactively Predict Business Outcomes

Business context is central to Lytn’s prediction data model

➡️ Proactively Predict Capacity & Usage

Optimize performance, experience, costs, carbon footprint

➡️ Proactively Gain Insights

Review infrastructure QoS, resource usage, etc., with just a few clicks

Gain global insights
Too much data, too little time

Lytn’s Valued Ecosystem

Service Providers
The explosive growth of SaaS and the accelerated evolution of enterprise networking to mean anywhere-anytime has MSPs scrambling to provide NaaS with enterprise QoS. In parallel, ever-increasing network complexity is escalating support costs and competition is fierce to capture market share. Lytn’s Proactive Network Intelligence™ helps Service Providers deliver differentiated services, meet ever-stricter SLAs, and improve operational efficiency.
Mobile Operators
With greater control of bandwidth allocation, operators can map Lytn usage predictions to achieve optimum capacity allocation on both internal and third-party resources with associated cost savings. In addition, enhanced usage visibility drives proactive end-user conversations and positive upsell opportunities.
SDN and Observability Companies
SDN and Observability solutions assist with management of ever-increasing network complexity. However, to realize the promise of anytime-anywhere enterprise QoS, these tools must be complemented with issue prediction & mitigation solutions. Lytn’s Proactive Network Intelligence™ helps SDN and Observability companies make good on the promise of enterprise quality of experience while further differentiating and expanding their offerings.
Today’s enterprises conduct business anywhere-anytime and expect enterprise class performance. Together with our partners, Lytn’s Proactive Network Intelligence™ helps ensure networks support critical enterprise business outcomes and deliver the highest quality of experience.
Maximize Quality of Experience<br>Minimize Waste

Maximize Quality of Experience
Minimize Waste

➡️ Ingests all network metrics and relevant business context in real-time

➡️ Applies predictive data science, continuously learns from new data and its own performance

➡️ Predicts network capacity and anticipates usage

➡️ Predicts issues impacting business outcomes and quality of experience

➡️ Prescribes actions along with network & usage insights

➡️ Provides deep drill-downs on actions and insights with just a few clicks

➡️ Deploys simply via APIs and a SaaS model yielding immediate ROI

About Us

 Etienne Coulon President
Etienne Coulon President

Having successfully introduced more than 60 companies into EMEA, including several resulting in acquisitions, Etienne is a highly respected veteran of ICT International Business Development. Along the way Etienne founded multiple companies to accelerate successful commercial adoption of new technologies and partnerships. This experience impassioned Etienne to establish a company leading the development and commercial adoption of predictive data science solutions that drive the transformation of ICT to become an anytime-anywhere, reliable and resilient on-demand utility - Lytn's Proactive Network Intelligence.