Proactive Network Intelligence

Solve your future challenges

Proactively Optimize Capacity, Performance, Experience

Lytn takes AI/ML to the next level.

Lytn SMART Queries look at ALL data,
Distills in seconds and delivers customized details
In 2-3 clicks. We make it easy for large enterprise,
CSP’s, MVNO’s and Service Providers.

SMART Queries + Business context = Smart Business

Be PROactive

Adjust Capacity: optimize performance, carbon footprint, cost
Investigate: change of patterns/ anomalies
Predict Business Outcomes: add contextual data to ML model


Install Lytn in a matter of minutes- simply generate a token and Lytn connects to your orchestration plane. This is next-gen! No taps, no net flow. Lytn immediately begins to observe, incubate, anticipate and report not only to operations, but also to customized executive dashboards and lines of business to address desired business outcomes.

Lytn make it simple

Shows QOS delivered in entire Infrastructure


It is hard to measure performance improvement brought by virtual technologies


It is key to anticipate events impacting the Business with Insights & Predictive analysis


Saving your time, your resources and your planet is mission critical for your R.O.I.

“It is no longer about the bits and bytes. It is about how to use them efficiently
in order to influence better business outcomes”

Sr. Net Ops Director ?


Lytns’ doesn’t sample, we look at ALL data on the network thus we predict what will happen in the next hour with 95%+ accuracy. Our ability to distill massive data lakes in minutes allows us to refresh every 10 minutes and to predict outcomes with up-to-date data. To be proactive, you can’t use stale data to make accurate predictions! Add more business agility by tapping into additional observability platforms and also actively adding relevant business context to the Lytn platform to render predictions that are specific to a company’s business needs. (example: weather updates to air traffic and ticketing).


Lytn collects and digests information from network data, orchestration systems and relevant business data. Lytn applies advanced analytics and AI to predict what your traffic for specific locations, applications and users will be. This allows you to proactively avoid usage problems and to set rules and permissions for various applications based upon accurate insights. Service providers and SDWAn providers can easily predict their quality of service and adjust accordingly. Learn and anticipate what network, data center and application usage will be by the hour. Raise awareness of pattern anomalies. Increase visibility. Make connectivity smarter.



Collect 100% data usage

Activity of all Devices & Apps

Quality on All Links & Edges

Zero-Touch deployment



Aggregation by Org or Location & Time

Detection of Insights

Aggregated Quality metrics

Bespoke Dashboards



Network Predictive Capacity

Global Health

Applications Trends

Pro-active IT Performance

Proactively Optimize Capacity, Performance, Experience


Move from reactive mode to proactive. We collect network and application usage and interpret for you. We put meaningful data into customized dashboards for your lines of business. It is no longer about sifting through bits and bytes, it is about business outcomes. We give instant insights so that you can anticipate and instantly adapt.


Lytn’s AI is unique because of where we connect and what we analyze. We see 100% of all network activity therefore we are not running algorithms with partial random data. Our predictions are meaningful and have proven to be up to 98% accurate. Lytn looks at usage, not your traditional KPIs. Lytn will reveal how your infrastructure will work in the next hour, specific to your individual lines of business.


Lytn looks at CPU, Storage and Application usage across your network. Lytn can anticipate usage at a granular level (office, region, country) and offer instant insights so that you can adjust your usage accordingly. Enterprises can pay as you go vs. estimated peak and never overpay. Carriers, anticipate and adjust or reassign bandwidth on an hourly basis and be assured of maximum profitability and sustainability.


The transition to cloud as well as the massive increase of devices on 5G has substantially increased your attack surface. Lytn is constantly looking at usage patterns and will recognize anomalies by device, user or application. If the usage doesn’t map, set rules to drop.